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Air Conditioner Problems Caused By Driving on Dirt Roads

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Though people who live in the city might find this fact hard to believe, many people across the nation still live on dirt roads. And those who do live on dirt roads will likely experience issues with their car’s air conditioner that those in the city do not. These issues are triggered by excessive dirt and range in severity from a minor annoyance to a severe problem. 

Dirt Roads May Cause Leaking Water

Cars that regularly drive down dirt roads will collect much debris in what is known as the condensate drain of their air conditioner. This drain is designed to collect condensation from the air conditioner unit and drain out any excess moisture to keep the unit running smoothly. 
However, excessive debris from a dirt road may clog this drain and cause issues, such as excessive water leaks. And, in some cases, this leaking water could lead to other problems in the HVAC system, such as a potent and disturbing smell.

Dirt Roads May Trigger a Nasty Smell

While water leaking from an air conditioning system might not seem dangerous, the nasty smell emanating from the vents might cause some concern. These smells typically occur when dirt and other filth in the evaporator case of the air conditioner fuel the growth of mold. Mold in the evaporator case will smell quite potent and will spread spores throughout the ducts of the vehicle. 
As this mold spreads, the smell throughout the car will continue to worsen. Most people compare this scent, unfavorably, to that of a gym locker. In fact, these stenches are caused by mold and should be easy to prevent. Unfortunately, people who don't take steps to avoid this problem open their car up to excessive mold — and, even worse, the chance for severe allergic reactions. 

Dirt Roads May Trigger Allergic Reactions 

As cars drive down dirt roads, their air conditioning unit will suck up much debris and deposit it in the air filter. This collection of dirt and detritus can be dangerous to a person's health, especially if the person suffers from allergic reactions. For example, many types of bacteria are likely to grow in a dirty filter and spread through a car. 
And even if bacteria doesn't affect a car, allergens will likely still spread through the ducts of the vehicle. These allergens may trigger a multitude of allergic reactions in drivers and passengers, including red eyes, sneezing, and even anaphylactic shock. Therefore, individuals who live on dirt roads need to take steps to ensure that this problem doesn't affect them. 

Dirt Roads Make Regular Air Conditioner Flushes Necessary

When dirt roads affect the operation of a car's air conditioner, owners must take steps to clean out HVAC system with a good flush. Repair specialists Meineke suggests a detailed process that includes taking apart the case of the air conditioning unit, flushing out individual pieces with a vacuum, wiping down the surface with a cloth, cleaning out the ducts, and cleaning the accumulator.   
DIY repair techniques like these provide in-the-know car owners with the chance to take their air conditioning repairs into their own hands. However, drivers who have never worked with an engine before or who have minimal mechanical skills should never perform these types of repairs. An improper repair or cleaning job may trigger severe problems.

Dirt Roads Don't Have to Ruin a Car's Air Conditioning

You can take proactive steps — regular flushes and proper interior cleaning — to prevent the above-mentioned problems from occurring. If you find that your car's air conditioner just won't respond, please call us at Redford Auto Repair. We'll help you take care of your car’s air conditioner.


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