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Muffler and Exhaust Repair in Detroit, Michigan

The Importance of a Functional Exhaust System

Under your vehicle, an exhaust system helps to collect harmful emissions, transform them into harmless ones and direct the emissions away from your vehicle. It reduces pollutants in the environment and the muffler minimizes engine exhaust noise. When this system goes awry, you and others become exposed to dangerous gases. Fortunately, Redford Auto Repair can help.

When the Exhaust System Needs Repairs

One of the most telltale signs that your exhaust system is failing is vibration in the steering wheel, the pedals or the seat. Your check engine light will come on and serve as another indication that the exhaust system is malfunctioning. If you start to notice these problems in your vehicle, come to our auto repair shop so we can professionally diagnose the issue.

Another common exhaust system problem is the sound of metal clanking. This is indicative of catalytic converter failure, which is the most costly part of the system. With Redford Auto Repair, our experienced technicians can replace your catalytic converter at an unbeatable price.

Catch It Early On

In any of these scenarios, our able-bodied technicians have the tools and the skillset to fix your exhaust system. Come to us early on so we can resolve the issue before it intensifies. Call us today and speak to us about your exhaust system or set up an appointment for a muffler or exhaust system repair.


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