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Precise Wheel Alignment in Detroit, Michigan

A wheel alignment is vitally important to the life of your tires, but it’s more than that.

Tires are part of the steering and suspension system of a vehicle, and when lined up right, everything works smoother and more effortlessly.

With this in mind, it’s easy to see why you should get your tires aligned a couple of times each year. The service pays for itself in savings of fuel and tire wear, not to mention the extra safety you get from it. Choose Redford Auto Repair for a team that has you in mind with every tire alignment.

Front-Wheel and Four-Wheel Alignment

Whether your car is a simple two-wheel drive or a more powerful four-wheel drive, our capable crew has the skills to align the tires on both vehicle types. Without four-wheel drive, a mechanic will simply adjust the two front tires to point the same direction. Four-wheel drive automobiles require the same service on all four tires.

Toe and Camber Adjustment

Every tire has camber and toe angles which allow you to drive straight when properly aligned. Camber is the measure of the difference between the wheel’s vertical alignment perpendicular to the surface. Toe is the angle at which the tire is pointing in or out. The Redford Auto Repair alignment experts will determine the optimal angle for each to promote the perfect alignment.

Talk With a Technician

Schedule an alignment with us today. Our certified mechanics have the abilities and the equipment to perform the service quickly so your wait time is minimized.


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