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Trusted Auto Maintenance in Detroit, Michigan

Don’t Wait Until You Need a Repair

When it comes to your car and its life, there’s nothing better you could do for it than keeping up on its routine maintenance. Redford Auto Repair is not only a repair shop but is also a maintenance shop. Having regular maintenance performed is significantly less expensive than repairs. Our experienced technicians will help you save money down the road through our trusted auto maintenance service.

Our Maintenance Services

The maintenance services at Redford Auto Repair are comprehensive. Our technicians are extremely thorough in their inspections and services because they know that one small problem with the smallest part could throw off your entire daily routine. Take a look at our list of preventative services below.

Tire Rotations and Wear Inspections

Frequent tire rotations are necessary to ensure even wear among all four of your tires. Even wearing allows you to get the most out of your tires and helps them last as long as they should. A friendly technician will take care of your tire rotations and will inform you when they need replacement.

Brake Inspections

How long have you had your current brakes? If you notice less of a snap when you step on your brake, let us know. We will make sure your brakes are still safe for the road before you find out the hard way that they aren’t.

Air Conditioning and Heat Checks

Detroit’s climate can be extreme. Driving around in it shouldn’t be. Allow our capable technicians to check up on your air conditioning and heating system to make sure you drive around in complete comfort all year-round. You’ll be glad you did.

Wiper Blade Checks

Although your wiper blades may not seem like a significant part of your car, defective blades may impair your ability to see out your windshield during inclement weather and endanger your life. We’ll make sure they work well and will replace them when needed

Fluid Flushes

When was the last time you had a fluid flush? If you can’t remember, it’s likely that your transmission fluid, motor oil or brake fluid may no longer be benefiting your vehicle. A trusted technician will replace your old fluid with new so your car can continue to run smoothly.

Fuel Injection

Fuel injection is an essential component of engine maintenance. Due to the high fuel pressures used, it can be a dangerous process. Skip the risk and come to the professionals at our shop. We will complete a safe fuel injection to protect you and your automobile.

Light Bulb Checks

Your headlights, brake lights and blinkers are extremely important in alerting other drivers and ensuring your safety on the road. During your inspection, Redford Auto Repair will make sure your bulbs are working and are sufficiently bright for the safety of you and everyone around you.

Spark Plug Inspections

Spark plugs have the power to ignite the electricity that starts your car. When they fail, they cause unnecessary hassles and setbacks that could easily have been avoided. Our crew will check your spark plugs and save you the struggle in the future.

Filter Services

Did you know that a clean air filter means better gas mileage, easier acceleration and longer engine life? Transmission filters are equally important. They catch contaminants before allowing the transmission lubricant to pass through. Before you leave, we’ll make sure both are clean.

Oil Changes

Routine oil changes make driving easier on your engine. When you come to us, we’ll help you find an oil that fits the needs of your car. You can choose from conventional, synthetic blend or synthetic oil. We use only the most trusted oil brands to do the job.

Check Engine Light Service

When your check engine light turns on, you may have a serious problem on your hands. Whether it’s with your ignition, emission control system or fuel system, our handy team will properly diagnose and address the problem. If the light is on by mistake, we’ll let you know.

Drive on Over

Simple preventative measures will save you from dangerous accidents and costly repairs. Redford Auto Repair is there to carry them out. Call us today and schedule a maintenance inspection on your vehicle.


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